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Product Review: WS FTP by Ipswitch

I have used several FTP tools over the past 10 years as it is a "must have" for me as I need to upload / download files from my web servers. I have tried most of the free software out there and a few paid FTP client software as well. WS FTP is by far the best File Transfer Software that I have ever used. WS FTP has a lot of cool features that make file transfer very simple for new users, but in addition to that, this software also has the security features that are required for the safety of your web site / server.

Let me spend a moment here explaining how a FTP software can be "Unsafe" for you.
It is important for you to know that File Transfer (with all software / dos) is done via a port (typically 21). When you connect a software to your server for a file transfer, the port is open and kept open till you disconnect your software. This makes the server vulnerable to hackers and attacks as anyone (with enough knowledge) can transfer malicious scripts / code to your server while the port is open, which can then result in data theft, or delete your web site totally, or add ad-ware / spy-ware code to your existing web pages. Most of these attacks are very silent and you may not know about them.

WS FTP allows you to connect to your server using Secure Shell (also referred as SSH). SSH sends information, like passwords, etc in an encrypted format which otherwise is sent as plain text, and has room for interception. WS FTP makes your data secure and confidential over the network, specially the Internet.

Besides this very well thought of security system, WS FTP also offers various site management solutions which allows you to use this FTP Client to the fullest. Here are some of the features that I would like to highlight:
  • Ability to work on several web sites at once
  • Ability to open several local views (hard drive locations) for file management.
  • Site Manager allows you to store site log-ins and information in a folder tree manner.
  • Allows you to delete folders containing files (if you wish to).
  • Backup. You can backup your files on any disk, hard drive location, etc. I need not tell you the importance of backing up your data.
  • Advanced user interface, allowing you to drag and drop files from your local computer to your server.
  • Inbuilt local search engine, lets you search your computer for files and folders.
  • Ability to upload files in automatic mode, binary mode, etc
  • Scheduler utility, you can schedule file uploads / downloads from your server. Very helpful to keep your web site updated on a fixed schedule.

I can go on and on talking about this tool because it is the most important tool for my work. If you are looking for an FTP Client that makes your life easy, saves you time, provides security, automation and customization, look no further and get your copy of WS FTP by Ipswitch now.

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