My analysis of WS_FTP 12 Beta

Before I start writing a more technical review, let me try and give you a clear picture of what's going on with IPSwitch and WS_FTP 12.

Have you ever seen people missing their train, bus or a flight?
I would assume your answer is yes.
But have you see the train, bus or the plane come back to pick up these people?
NO, Right?

Well, WS_FTP 12 is the plane that did come back to get you.

I remember the day when I first used WS_FTP for the first time. I am sure it was the first version of WS_FTP that was ever launched. I was having trouble uploading files using DOS (which was the only option available). By the way, in DOS you had to specify the mode of upload specially for images, as they MUST be uploaded in Binary Mode. So you had to change mode and then upload the files. Windows 95/98 interfaces weren't as great as what we have today, so it actually made you feel like banging your head in the wall instead.

So my sister (Who at that time was working with IRI) send me a link to WS_FTP and just wrote "I used this tool to upload my files, its faster and easier than DOS, try it out". And that was it. I played around with it and was amazed that it lets you change modes with just a click of a mouse and also automatically sets mode for various file formats, etc. I then started using WS_FTP more and more and as it evolved, I evolved and always stayed on top of things. I knew what each button on their interface means, what term means what and how to get the most complex work done without even going into their HELP files ONCE. Honestly, I never even clicked on the HELP button till the day when I was testing WS_FTP 12 and I realized that they don't only have a very satisfying help file, but also a great tutorial that would literally teach you how to use this program.

However, coming back to my first statement, I feel that WS_FTP came back several versions so that the new users who didn't get on board at that time, can now get on board with it. The buttons are totally simplified for basic understanding. It is a very nice representation of how graphics can be used to communicate a message.

So it is now safe for me to say that a really advanced FTP Client is now a great tool for novices, besides being an asset to professionals like myself.

I was asked if there are any "Like to have features" on WS_FTP but with whatever is offered so far, there is nothing more that I could ask for. It does what I need it for, it has advanced features, and it is really easy to use.

I will provide you with some technical stuff shortly, but if you want to give it a shot, just visit WS_FTP DOWNLOAD PAGE