I unfollowed a lot of people on Twitter

Since a few days I have been checking out my Twitter homepage and have not really been able to follow anyone literally. My Twitter homepage had become more like a Javascript Ticker. So I decided to unfollow quite a lot of heavy tweet'ers and added a saved search for them instead. This way I can look at their tweets when I want, and I can actually understand what one is saying, and also follow through on things that might interest me. While on my homepage, I still have some Tweets from people I communicate with on a regular basis.

I know I will end up adding more people soon, but I think the saved search option works better. So for those of you who took it personally and unfollowed me, just be aware that I am still following you through a saved search. You could do that too. I don't really care much about how many followers I have, because it just so happens that whenever I want to promote something that has a lot of value, my tweets get picked from Twitter search and I get my traffic, each and every time. A good example is YOU. If you came from Twitter, you know how you found me and that's all that matters.

Plus of course, I don't want a list of followers who follow me, because I follow them. I would like to have a list of people who like what I am doing and want to stay on top of what I am doing, by following me (@raakesh) on Twitter.

So once again, if I unfollowed you, it does not mean I am not interested in your updates, but it is just an alternate way for me to follow updates from people who's tweets interest me.