What is Raakesh up to?

Oct 02, 2017 -Progress with Rase Solutions Inc.

It's almost been one year and things are looking good on the business end. The company is fully functional and growing at a decent rate. I would like to share some more information as we get closer to my anniversary towards the end of the month.

Oct 28, 2016 - Last day at Commvault.

I have been working with Commvault for the past 3+ years and am ready to move to something that I have always wanted to do - bring up a company from scratch, and document each step of doing so, as requested by many friends who want to experience the challenges that startups face in the initial stages.

I don't want to send out emails to people who are not interested in these updates from me, so I am making a new email list, if you would like to be informed of my struggles with the new venture, please feel free to join. If you have already done that, then please check your email and confirm the delivery of my email and remember to check your spam folder, in case it ended up there.



Stay tuned for more updates from me soon.