Google Chrome Operating System to be launched shortly

"Is Google going to take over the world with this?"

My answer is "NO" but it is really interesting how Google Inc can just about do anything they want, while so many companies out there are just busy competing. It is Google's Business Model that just lets them make a new product and have it delivered to millions of users on the very first day and then start making billions of dollars with those apps, without their users paying them a dime. And all their products are addictive, and thanks to the added "TRUST FACTOR", not many people out there seem to think twice before storing their information on Google Inc's servers.

Why am I talking about Google being in a "Great Position"?
Well, because I own a software company and have designed products that not only make life easy for people, but it helps them do better business, save lot of time and make money at the same time. One of the key products that did all this is Affiliate Radar. A conversion tracking tool that lets Internet Marketers track conversions for direct linking campaigns (means when affiliates send traffic directly to merchant's site without being able to place a tracking software in between that can track data). I can't say that this was a shortcoming of Google, but I would say something Google Inc didn't care to work on too much. Anyhow, using Affiliate Radar, many companies and individuals were able to do better business but it costed us a fortune to get the customers, and many just did not trust us, despite our privacy policies.

So from a software company's perspective, I think Google Inc has done a really good job with the way they deploy their products, make a fortune and still keep their products FREE for users.

So what's next?
Google Search was, and is a huge hit for more than a decade now. More and more people are being hooked to Google Search now and rely on it very much. Then came Google Mail ( another great service, which offers outstanding functionality and ease of use that a mass is using it for personal / business use. Load Google Account with Documents like Pictures (using Picasa) which is not quite along the lines of Flickr (which I would vote as #1 photo sharing site) but still good enough for personally sharing pictures within families / friend circles. Google Documents could almost replace Word, Excel, etc and is being preferred by a huge population because of online collaboration and sharing. Google Videos and acquiring Youtube was another big step that gives the best video site ever - Youtube into the hands of Google Inc. There are more than 100 products Google offers now, and each one of them is very well done, thanks to Google's brain - The very highly educated and experienced team of researchers and developers.

Anyhow, so with the next product, the overall Internet world "can be" shaken up:
The Google Chrome Operating System.
This is not just to make people more dependent, but to make them more free from being limited to computers. Free from being dependent on programs, upgrades, updates, hard drives, backup, crashes, and what not. Google Chrome OS is being programmed by Google Inc for the vast majority that spends more than 90% of their time on the internet. This OS uses web applications, rather than applications installed on your computers primarily and focus on remote storage of files and documents, which means the same resources could be used on your computer, your smart phone, your desktop computer, etc. Basically, getting rid of any one specific computer, so to speak.

If I went to a friend's house, I could log on to his computer, with my ID, and BOOM - my OS loads and I have access to all my documents, as well as applications. How cool is that huh? Well, watch the video and see what Google has in mind for the Google Chrome OS.

As a developer, I am not sure if I will be able to use such a system, but I am really excited about how things are working. If nothing else, at least we're talking about a company that thinks out of the box and delivers solutions that are globally well accepted.

Looking forward to more updates on this, but as per a video by the lead Project Manager of Google Chrome OS: Caesar Sengupta, Google Chrome OS should be made available towards the third quarter of 2010.