The True Power of Visitor Data Tracking

Without taking much of your time, let me take you right to the point.

You might already be a Google Analytics user or a very regular visitor of Awstats to check your stats ...


Did you really get anywhere with this data?

I don't know about you, but I discussed this with more than 30 seasoned internet marketers who use these tools but only to see what's going on with their site.

Okay! that works, you need to know how many people are coming to your site every day and how many unique visitors do you get, but ... THERE IS MORE TO IT!

How about using this information to MAKE MONEY or at least SAVE MONEY. If you think about it, that is what all these tools are built for.

I wrote an ebook called The True Power of Visitor Data Tracking, that takes you on an IM Joyride showing you how you can use each and every information that your visitors bring to your site, to make money.

This eBook will teach you how to use this information for the following:
- How to use all this information to lower your PPC bids
- How to increase your quality score.
- How to optimize your website using all this information for organic search engine listings.
- How you can pick and choose sites to advertise on.
- How you can calculate conversion rates.
- How can you split test landing pages using visitor tracking data.

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