An update from me ...

What have I been up to since July 2010?

My previous months were totally action filled including a lot of travel including Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, Washington, Las Vegas ;), and India.

A lot of these travels included a lot of learning experiences that would surely help me as I move forward and hopefully I will be able to share some valuable information with you all as well.

Currently I am working in New York City on a very interesting project. I will discuss this in details, in future updates from me, but to give you a little info, it is an education based Social Network + Search Engine in one solid implementation. Currently it is in Beta phase. I will announce the launch date and provide more details here. It would be something to look forward to for you, if you are a student, or a parent looking for educational institutes.

So as I work, I restrain myself from being distracted so no Facebook or other social networking (specially on weekdays), which is why you wouldn't see me online and active on these sites.

As far as some of my other stuff is concerned, I am surely going to support my current products, but will be getting rid of more than 150 domain names and web sites (mostly affiliate) that I have. If anyone is interested in getting a list, let me know and I'll send it across before I publish them for auction. (more details on this later).

Tech Stuff
In the past 1 year, I have worked on so many new technologies that I finally feel almost up to date with whatever is going on, on the web :) I worked a lot on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL and PHP), JQuery, AJAX, Red5 server, Drupal, etc etc. I will make a little programmer section on my site shortly and share some cool codes that I produced.

In addition, I am also planning to make some of my products Open Source soon. More details on this in the coming few days. If you have any questions for me regarding any of my products or related stuff, feel free to Contact Me.