Testing a New Twitter Application

I have been able to develop a few Twitter apps so far ... some I love to talk about, while some others I'd rather keep to myself.

But right now I am talking about a new Twitter Module for Drupal that notifies "YOU" on Twitter, every time I add new content here on Raakesh.com. So technically my first post from this module was when I created this page.

Though the other Twitter applications that I designed, are for Product Launches (TWILP), that I used when I launched InstantLP. I will write about this more, but if you want to check it out, signup for the Affiliate Program at http://instantlp.com/affiliates.php and you will see the app in action when you log into the reseller section.

Another other Twitter application I designed, lets me get the word our for my affiliate products through a datafeed. Now this is a little more complex, and complicated, but what it does is it Tweets about the products that it gets from an affiliate datafeed. This allows users on Twitter to find the products they are looking for, and as an affiliate, pays me commission for every sale.

It might be a little while before I actually write about them in details, so if you are one of the curious types, who just needs to know what I am doing, contact me with any questions and I'll answer.

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