Testimonials for Raakesh Blokhra

I am thankful to all the clients who go out of their way to share their opinions about how they liked my work. While at Howie's workshop, I opened up some time slot during a personalized session to help students with any technical issues they were having, so here came a student with an issue about an RSS feed. He got an RSS designed through a website and they gave him a static RSS that didn't update itself. So instead of modifying their RSS script which would have taken me much longer, I decided to write a new one ... It wasn't one of those tech geek issues, but it was something that people like myself would dread messing with too much.

Since I have understood pretty well how Wordpress works now, it took a few minutes to get that script out there and sure enough here is a testimonial:

I have several more in my email, I will start adding testimonials here which would let my potential clients know what other's think about my work.