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Tech Stuff

While experimenting with Vimeo I came up with this idea to try and make life simple for those who are not very comfortable with the latest technology trends. And to achieve this I initiated a new channel on Vimeo called TechStuff. ( I and other programmers on Vimeo will add educational videos, demos and other videos that will help users understand how some of the key technology processes work and soon we will have a library of videos that will walk you through the most complicated areas of technology that you would have ever dared to crawl.

To start off, I added a video about Long Tail Magic, one of the easiest web analytics tool on the web. Soon myself and other subscribers will start contributing more to this new channel.

If you have any videos that can help people understand how to do basic stuff like register domain names, setup web hosting, create a new blog, make landing pages, find affiliate offers, etc, please join the TechStuff Channel and post your videos.

More updates about TechStuff channel will be added soon.