Sponsor a Child in China

CQIWG - Chongqing International Women's Group

CQIWG is a volunteer NGO in China focusing on health and education of children in Chongqing's rural areas. The group provides free milk everyday to almost 2000 children across 14 mountain village schools, and subsidies to 200 children from critically poor families. They also conducted an Earthquake Rehabilitation Project in 2008 for the victims of the Wenchuan Earthquake in China.

CQIWG Team with Chinese Children

Just ONE US DOLLAR provides ONE WEEK of milk for a child in these villages.

CQIWG has a dynamic membership of expatriate and local women. Since All their workers are volunteers, their costs are minimum, ensuring the maximum benefit reaches those who need it the most.

You can find more information about them and their efforts at www.cqiwg.org or by writing to them at info@cqiwg.org

I am in touch with an active member and might be able to have children profiles available for us (donors) so you can see whom you are sponsoring and also if you ever go to China, you could go and meet them.

Please contact me with details as I am building my database of donors who would like to help these kids study and get proper nourishment. On an average $30-$50 should take care of one child for the entire term ...

I will get more details soon. Please Contact Me and let's talk about how we can help these kids.

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Make a Donation to Help the Children in China

Currently your donation will be sent to me (Raakesh Blokhra) and I will forward your amount to CQIWG, China through a bank transfer. Your Name and Email address will be sent with your payment and you will receive a confirmation from CQIWG as soon as it is received by them. This process is temporary, soon they will have an option to accept donations online. You can make a donation through a bank transfer at www.cqiwg.org.