Social Media Genie - BuddyMedia

All of those who know me well, know that I keep an eye open to find problem areas in internet marketing where I could possibly build either a solution, or simply find answers to such problems and share with my lists. When marketing on Facebook, there were a few "I wish I had" tools or solutions that I know would have helped me, my clients, and my employers make the most of their social marketing efforts. I was recently introduced to Buddy Media, a company based out of NYC. On the first glance on their homepage, I felt that the information contained here would be very similar to other social media platform companies that you usually stumble upon while finding Facebook related answers, but a deeper look into their platform and all the integration products, I feel that all my "I wish I had" solutions were given to me in one shot. From Managing your social community, to selling online, monitoring, increasing interaction, encouraging feedback, content moderation to analytic tracking, they have an all in one solution that can help a business really take their business to the next level. May it be global target campaigns, local or industry specific, these power tools offered by Buddy Media are really unique and truly powerful. I will take a demo of this service soon and share my results with you. Through this post, I don't want to say that I know this product rocks and you should go for it, but I surely want to tell you to visit their site and take a look at their platform, and if possible take a demo. I am meeting this company today and will have more updates to share when I get back ... Good Luck with your social marketing efforts.