What a way to Start a Day

Rescue Operation Wednesday June 10, 2009 It was this one fine wednesday morning and I went to drop my wife to her work and thought of picking up a coffee from a nearby gas station and on my way back I saw these two dogs run loose on the highway. These guys were nervous (since it looks like they lost their owners) and didn't know what to do so they were running all over the place. I kept thinking if someone is going to do anything about this or not but it looks like (NOT). I didn't see anyone do anything, all I could see was people getting mad and wondering whose dogs are those, what are they doing on the road, blah blah. One thing I knew for sure was that if nobody does anything, one of these dogs (if not both) are gonna get hit by a car or truck and get hurt (if not killed). So I started my mission, turned on the hazzard lights on, and began driving along with these dogs. By blocking their way I was able to get them to stay on the side of the highway but that wasn't helping much as the white dog (the alpha (in my opinion)) was the leader and the black just followed him. I cornered them a few times and got off my truck and I could only make the black one come to me but as soon as he would get close, he changed his mind and started following the white one. I called 911 to let them know about these dogs, so they could send the animal rescue team to help out and also to make sure I was covered as I was blocking one lane and slowing the traffic to make sure the dogs don't get hurt. The people didn't seem to mind what I was doing as I don't remember being honked at (so thanks for that) but just to be safe, I wanted to make sure the Police knew what I was upto. This chase went on for 35 minutes before I was able to maneuver the dogs into a parking lot at #40, Rt 36, West Long Branch, NJ. I could see the dogs were thirsty and probably hungry too but more thirsty since they had been running for a while now. There were two instances where they almost got hit once with a speeding car at an exit and the other time by a fast moving trucker who changed his lane at the last moment and something made the dog run away from the truck. This could have been a serious accident, but thank God for helping out there. Anyhow, so at the parking lot I was able to corner the dogs once again and this time (though I was scared that the dogs might attack if I scare them), things worked out fine. I met a gentleman there who was working and he said, I have a leash if you need one, and we decided to leash the white dog, since the black one was following the white one. I called the police again and told them that I have the dogs secured and where to send the rescue team. The dogs were lucky that I had a crate of water in my car and also some utensils that I was going to throw away (what are the odds of this) so I could give them water. They gulped down 4 bottles in no time (as I anticipated). So finally, the rescue time showed up, secured the dogs and we all left there happy. So now I start my day, and am feeling good that I was able to save the dogs from being hurt or getting killed, but also wondering if the owners even know where their dogs are, or how to find em? The dogs were beautiful and very calm and submissive. I could tell that the owners had done a good job training them and taking care of them. Hope they find each other soon.