Affiliate Quality Score and Search Engine Optimization Report

I recently gave away a free Quality Score (QS) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Report.

This report may not necessarily tell you things that you may not have heard before, but this will definitely tell you about those little basic things that you never ended up using on your websites. Use it to revise the old school information or just to improve your existing website(s) and landing page(s).

This report also talks about my new product - InstantLP. InstantLP plays an important role in the Quality Score and SEO of your website(s) because it generates highly search engine friendly landing pages and is one of the quickest landing page and web site builder software on the web. Below is a video on what InstantLP is and what can it do for you, and also the ebook download form if you want to get a copy for yourself.

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Just 2 seconds short and the video stopped. But you can see the site at