Preparing for the Raid De Himalaya 2010

Ready for Raid de Himalaya 2010

Raid-De-Himalaya 99 win 11 years ago, I participated in the Raid de Himalaya 1999. Our team effort was a success and we won the best team prize as most of our team mates won the top 5 positions of the raid.

After a gap of one year, I went back to the raid once again in 2001 with similar results. We won all the top positions of the Raid in various motorcycle categories. I won the 1st prize for my category.

I was prepared to participated in the 2002 Raid de Himalaya but some personal commitments took over my decision to participate and instead I provided a service backup to my team - Team Premier ISP. The results once again were in our favor as we won.

A little older, a lot heavier and after a span of 9 years, I am now preparing to head back to the Himalayas to compete in the 2010 Raid de Himalaya.

I will race on my KTM 530 EXC R:

I intend to take this motorcycle with me to India for the raid and bring it back after the race is over. Currently I am working on getting my equipment together. So I'll be testing, reviewing and buying my gear, spares, tools, and other equipment that will allow me to finish the Raid with minimal damage to me and my motorcycle. The right Equipment is important for any sport. So everything has to be carefully picked.

I will keep this page updated as we go on, so if you are interested in following up on my progress, feel free to bookmark this page. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact me using this Contact Form.

Status: I was not able to participate due to some personal reasons. I was able to make it for the Raid de Himalaya in 2013.