Offer Vault

Offer Vault (Niche: Affiliate Marketing / CPA Marketing)

Though I designed Offer Vault as a part of Affiliate Radar in March 2007 and launched it within Affiliate Radar in July 2007, we now have it as a stand alone Affiliate and CPA offer search engine that crawls through several affiliate networks and fetches all the affiliate and CPA offers from them allowing our users to compare offers among several affiliate networks without having to log into each one of them.

Offer Vault is a huge timesaver for affiliate marketers. Offer Vault was launched as a No-Fee (or FREE to use) service in February 2008 at the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas. With more than 25 networks signed up and 10,000 affiliate and CPA offers (updated daily), Offer Vault is a treasure to have.

There are several components of Offer Vault that I really loved designing, specially the boolean search that allows you to hand pick offers just as you want them.

Anyhow, Offer Vault is FREE for users, so you can try it out right now at

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