How to Cut down your cell phone bill by using Google Voice?

Google Voice is not an alternative to a phone line!
Before there is any confusion, let me say that NO, Google Inc did not launch a new cell phone company, but rather just a service that lets you take advantage of the technology. But without having a cellular phone company, Google Inc did what will definitely make a big impact in the telecom industry. Let me explain:
What is Google Voice?
Google Voice is an online service ( that lets you get a phone number (local to your area or based on your preferences), and then you can redirect that number to your actual phone number(s). So once again, you don't get a new phone, you just get a phone number that redirects your incoming calls to your physical phone numbers like your cell phone, work phone or home phone. So what all does Google Voice offer?

  1. Call forwarding.
    When someone calls you at your new Google Voice number, the call will be forwarded to one, or all the numbers you registered, based on your preference. This also lets you keep your private numbers private as the caller does not get to see your actual phone numbers.
  2. Voice Message Service
    If you miss a call, or decide to send it directly to your voicemail, the caller can leave a voice message which will be:

    • Recorded by Google Voice
    • Transcribed into text
    • Stored on your Google Voice inbox
    • Emailed to you
    • Sent to your cell phone via SMS

  3. Send SMS
    Yes, you can send an SMS from within your Google Voice account and you can keep your actual cell phone number private. You can reply to any SMS (sent to your G voice number) from your cell phone, and still keep your cell phone number private.
  4. Make outgoing calls
    You can make outgoing calls from within your Google Voice inbox, or from your phone. So technically you can just call your own Google Voice number, and you will be prompted to whether you want to listen to your messages, or make a call?
    You select make a phone call, and it asks you for a number you would like to call, and connect your call accordingly.
  5. Google Voice Widgets for your Website(s)
    You could put a widget on your website / blog / etc and it let's your visitors call you, without seeing your phone number. You can also configure each widget to operate differently, record a unique greeting for each widget and decide if you want to send the calls directly to the voicemail or your phone numbers. This would also help your sites get a higher trust rating for search engines, with the basic logic that you have taken a step to let your visitors contact you.

Great Service, sure, but How can it help me LOWER my Cell Phone Bills?
Most cellular phone companies allow you to have 2, 5 or 10 out of network phone numbers as your Faves, and calls to and from these numbers are totally free. I use T-Mobile Cell phone, and they call this service "MyFaves". I get to choose 5 domestic phone numbers as my Faves, and my calls to these numbers are absolutely free.
If your cell phone provider does not have anything like this, and if you are paying a high cell phone bill, this may be a good time to change your service to T-Mobile Cellular Service (not only because of MyFaves, but also for a good 3G network and great support for Android phones - more on this later).

If you have a fave service, you can add your Google Voice number to that, and start making calls using the "Call feature" on your Google Voice number. This way you will not be billed for any of your outgoing calls to this number, because it is added to your Faves, and at the same time help you keep your cell phone number private and hidden. When I say your cell phone number will be kept private, it does not mean that the person you are calling won't see any number. The receiver will see your Google Voice number, do if they call back on that number you will get their call back. Making it a win win situation for you, and saving you all the money you would have spent on outgoing calls.

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