Long Tail Magic

The wait if finally over!

Long Tail Magic has been launched and is available for download now.

Visit www.longtailmagic.com/sales/ to get your copy.

What is Long Tail Magic?

Long Tail Magic, as the name suggests is a tool that uses the hidden powers of Long Tail Keywords that you get by tracking the traffic of your site, and use that information to fine tune and optimize your web site, blog, forum, PPC Campaigns, Ad Campaigns and pretty much every aspect of your online business.

Long Tail Magic is a server side application that you install on any one of your websites with the easy to install script (or you can hire our services for installing it on your site). Once installed, you can put a special "Magic Code" on your web site(s). If you have a PHP based site like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, SMF, etc, you can put this code in the footer of your site and it will automatically track each page of your site and give you the following information:

1. Search Terms (Long Tail Keywords).
This search term report will show you what your visitors searched for on search engines before coming to your website. The search terms that are tracked can be from your PPC campaign or Organic traffic from several search engines.
Yes, Long Tail Magic also tracks conversions on your site and shows you which keywords convert into sales and which ones dont.

2. User Footprints.
The User Footprint report shows you the location of each visitor that comes to your site, their host name, search term they searched for, the entry page (the page they came on your site), the exit page (the page they exited from), the conversion page URL (if the user buys something or is marked as a conversion, this shows you which URL was the conversion URL), number of clicks, page views, etc. It also shows you if this visitor ended up buying what you were selling on your site or NOT.

3. Browser Conversion Report.
Interesting but yes, you can also know the average of who buys more from your site, Internet Explorer users, Google Chrome users, Firefox users, etc. This information, as basic as it sounds, is very critical, because this will tell you which browsers do not convert on your site. As you know some web sites look different on different browsers, you can use this information to make your site look as it appears to the WINNER BROWSER visitors.

4. Domain Name Conversion Tracking.
Besides getting a comprehensive list of how many unique visitors does one domain name (web site) send to your web site, you can also see which ones convert into sales and which ones don't. Eg., if you made a post on warrior forum regarding your product or have your link in your signature, and realize that people followed that link and bought your service, you know your product converts well on the audience of Warrior Forum, you can then be more active and offer your products openly through WSO or other advertising methods. This is how Discoveries happen. You need to be able to track what is going on, on your site.

5. Referring Site URL tracking and conversions
This report shows you the exact URL from where your visitors are being sent to your site and what is converting and what is not. This report gets handy if you just released a press release or an article on several different web sites and want to see how is which one working. It tracks clicks and conversions.

6. Entry Page / Conversion Page Details
This report shows you how many people entered your site on different landing pages on your site. This can be a good resource for you to know where most of your people are entering your site so you can optimize those pages to make sure your visitors can conveniently find the information they are looking for and finally go to the product or service you are offering to them. Optimizing your entry pages can result in a significant increase in your conversion rates.

If you have more than one conversion pages on your site, this report also shows you which pages are people visiting more.

You can use this software to split test different landing pages on your sites and checking out the conversions by of that landing page as well.

Besides just handing this software to the members, I will also give you video tutorials, ebooks and literature on what all can you do with the data you have received to achieve the following:
1. Lower your Advertising Cost (if you are advertising at all on PPC networks, Banner or Text Link Ads).
      a) By lowering your PPC bids on several keywords (Search Terms).
      b) By finding negative keywords on your site and stopping traffic to those sites
2. Increase your web site's traffic.
3. Increase your conversion rates.
4. Increase the income streams (By analyzing the data, you can find various other products and services you can offer to your visitors.

I will be offering you a Free eBook that shows you how important this data can be for YOU, shortly. Bookmark this page and check back later for that ebook, or ALTERNATIVELY, sign up for (Raakesh's Newsletter).

Anyone who owns one or several web sites and uses these sites for income generation. YOU can be -
- An Affiliate Marketer
- An Internet Marketer
- A Retail Store Owner
- A Doctor's Clinic
- A Business owner who has a web site that brings you business in form of Sales, Leads, etc
- An AdSense site owner

Let me know if you have any questions regarding this product.