Join WWF's Wildlife Rescue Team to save Polar Bears

Polar bears are at risk of extinction due to melting and thinning arctic ice, and could disappear by the end of this century if we don't take action. That's why WWF created this powerful video about polar bears.

This message featuring Actor and WWF supporter Noah Wyle is playing on many TV stations. But we can't wait for you see it there and respond--it's time to take action now to help save polar bears and other endangered wildlife and wild places.

By joining WWF's Wildlife Rescue Team, you pledge a monthly gift to help fund WWF's most urgent conservation projects. As a member, you'll help provide the stable funding that is so critical to protecting polar bears, orangutans, elephants and many other majestic species.

At WWF we're leading the fight to save the polar bear, but funding is critical--and there isn't much time. Your support of just $16 per month will help us address the urgent issues of climate change and habitat preservation for the polar bear and many other animals.

Please make the commitment to saving wildlife today. Thank you.