What did I learn at Howie's Workshop?

This is like a Real Time Review of Howie's Workshop. I am typing this message while still at Howie's Workshop ... It's Day 3 and Mark Roth is speaking about Auto-responders. And here is a picture I just took:

Howies Workshop Review October 2009

I came here as a Project Manager and my responsibility was to make sure that all the people in my team were helped. I helped them with Keyword Research, Content Generation, Link Building, Finding profitable affiliate and CPA offers to promote, Submitting sitemaps to search engines, using Wordpress plugins and you know, all the other good stuff.

All of the Project Managers including Donovan, Dustin, Frank, Martin, Matthew, Liane, myself, Mark Roth and Howie Schwartz did a great job in helping everyone out with repeated personalized attention, Q&A sessions etc. I didn't see a single person who was not overwhelmed with the information and leave the workshop equipped with all tools, and knowledge to be successful in Internet Marketing. Everyone was given a complete system including a wordpress blog (pre-loaded with content), articles, a squeeze page and an ebook (PDF).

What amazed me most was not what we did, but where we did it and how did Howie manage this. Going into specifics, what I am amazed is the fact that Howie has such a great solution for people, and then he has such a huge list of people who need these solution. So I really salute Howie for having such a balanced set of abilities that include finding just the right people from around the world who can benefit from his services, and on the other hand having a foresightedness, and a team, who can deliver the solution. What do you get when you put 2 & 2 together? ... SUCCESS.

I am really happy for all the students (Apprentices) who will now go back to where they came from, and implement these new learnings and start progressing toward their goals. But at the same time I literally am praying that I hope these guys go back with a positive attitude, and not lose confidence in themselves. With my experience and expertise, I can definitely tell one thing - The information shared in this workshop is enough to turn around things for anyone who has been struggling so far.

I have promised a very limited amount of people that I will personally help them get started because I know those people just need that little extra hand holding and they could go a long way. This will also help increase the success rate for this workshop, which is what I promised myself, when I started my journey from home on Monday, Oct 21. I just launched a product - InstantLP, and am getting a great response from my customers, and potential customers, so going for this workshop was a tough call. But when I agreed to do it, I knew I had one reason, I wanted to make sure I can contribute with my knowledge and experience so that it makes a difference in someone's life. And I was able to meet some people whom I already want to help.

I did get some chance to use my iFlip camera to record some videos and testimonials, so stay tuned because I will be adding all the videos as soon as I get back home.

To the success off all the great people who flew in from across the globe to give us a chance to help them make a living online.