How to use Datafeeds

How to use Datafeeds

Datafeeds are of various types, but primarily I will be talking about Affiliate Datafeeds provided by Affiliate Networks like Commission Junction, Linkshare, etc. Merchants with more than one product (like Best Buy, Zappos, Gap, Old Navy, etc) provide a list of all their products to the affiliates so they can start selling those products from their affiliate websites.

A Datafeed typically has the following information that the affiliates can use:

- Product Name
- Product Description
- Product Price
- Product Availability
- Product Image URL
- Product Buy URL

And other information in a csv (Comma Separated Value) file, or a txt file or a Tab Delimited Data feed file.

Recently Commission Junction made Datafeeds Self Serve, which allow affiliates to setup their datafeed subscription themselves without requiring any pre-approvals, payments or any need to go to CJ support.

How to Implement a Datafeed to a Web Page
You need a tool that can translate an affiliate datafeed into your database. Once in your database, you can pull that information to an HTML page, a Wordpress Blog, or a Drupal Module.

Datafeed Integration Software is the tool for you to achieve this task. Check out the video below to see how it works:

For More information on Datafeed Integration and Usage, visit Datafeed to MySQL Integration