Google Listen Add Podcast

Google Listen is only limited to Android users (as of Nov 1, 2009). The new app lets your Android phone (like my HTC G1), communicate with Google Podcast Directory and download / subscribe to Podcast Feeds. The good thing is that unlike other services offered by some cell phone manufacturers out there, Google Listen is not limited to just podcasts submitted to the directory by the podcast owners, rather it is added using Google's powerful web-based rank metrics, allowing a much much wider variety than the ones I just referred to.

The interface of the Listen application is pretty straight forward and interestingly very simple. Simplicity is the key, same applies to the new Google Voice application for Android, added by Google Inc.

Anyhow, talking about podcasting for now, as a podcaster, I do not have an option to add my feed to Google manually. The listen source is limited to search results. However, you do have an option to manually add a feed to your subscription from your Android device.

Google (as per the Listen Community), has stated that they have a criteria set with the web-based rank metrics, to search and find all RSS feeds with more than N% audio enclosures. This means that if you have not yet added your podcasts to your RSS feeds, this is your time to do so, so that Google could include your podcasts in the Listen directory.

If you are not technical, have podcasts, but don't know how to add those to an RSS, contact me, and I could have my team set you up with something to go forward with, or provide instructions on how to achieve this.

I will add more information once I get to play with Google Listen more, and find any information that could help you get your feed in there.

Google Listen is a podcast service that let's you subscribe and listen to podcasts, from an Android powered phone. This service can be very useful to get data in an audible format, specially when you are driving, walking, relaxing or doing other activities like cooking, etc where reading isn't an option. Many podcasters out there have podcasts coming out at a fixed interval, letting you get an update every time they post, while some others post occasionally.

The term "Podcasting" was coined by Bob Hammersley, in Feb 2004. Since iPods where the primary devices that supported this digital broadcasts, the team Pod-Casting was introduced. Some refer to Podcasting as Netcasting, as it is technically Broadcasting digital media files over the internet.

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