Free Tip to increase traffic from Twitter

I know there are a lot of people out there who love Twitter, and are almost addicted to it but still don't know how can they use Twitter to your benefit.
Well, here is a free advice for you:
You can use Twitter to your benefit, by getting traffic to your site. For that all you have to do is, add an article to your site first, and then provide a link to that article on your Tweet. If you search for "News" on Twitter, you will see a lot of Tweets where people are tweeting about a particular news, and have a link to the news company's website directly. Instead of doing that, you could add a summary of the news on your website and provide the link to the news company's website on your page, and when you write a tweet about it, include a link to this PAGE, so that your followers, and people searching for stuff on Twitter can find your Tweet, click on the link to go to your site and then go to the actual news page.

If you have a newsletter, you could add a signup form or a link to your signup form on this page, allowing people to subscribe to your newsletter. This allows your visitors subscribe to your newsletter, because they like the kind of news that you post on Twitter, and also stuff that you do. So don't undersell yourself by not giving your visitors a subscribe to your emails.

This was one free Tip for you. I share a lot more on my newsletters, and will keep posting some more useful to this blog, so if you haven't bookmarked it yet, do it now.
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