My 5 Words for Education

Education, in my 5 Words
Raakesh's 5 words for Education

While we are all busy with our life, struggling, working hard, to achieve our goals in life, let's not forget how Education has helped us in getting to where we are today. Imagine yourself without education. There are millions of children in the world who are growing up without any education. You know how difficult it is to survive in this competitive world without proper education. Let's think about those children and see how we could help them.

There is no doubt that to be successful in life, you need to be very hard working. But Education plays a very important role in our life as:

- Education gives us the ability to learn, to know, and to understand.
- Education gives us the power to determine what is right, and what is wrong.
- Education gives us the tool and ability to perform far more advanced and complex tasks.
- Education gives us an opportunity to live our life as we want
- Education allows us to live our life, with dignity and respect.

One such GREAT SUCCESS STORY of a poor boy who become very SUCCESSFUL in life can be found in this article:
I can assure you that no matter who you are, where you are and what you do, you know this person. So read that article, to know how willpower and hard work can take you places.

And yes, you can make a difference. You can make a global impact by just showing your interest in helping those, who can't get education. You can make donations to organizations who are focusing on such ventures, you could volunteer for organizations, you could step up and start helping out in any which way you prefer.

Fortunately I know two different people who have taken initiatives and started their own organizations and are doing really good. One is in China and the other in India. I will provide their details later, in other articles. But this is just a thought, to trigger the wish to help others who need it right now. And also remember, what goes around, comes around. So if you help one person in need today, you'll definitely have someone to help you when you'll be in need.