Drupal 7 as a solid CMS

I have been a little slow in posting on this site in the past few months, but now you'll see me being more active. So currently besides building some new applications and writing cool scripts I am also venturing into 2 different spaces. Primarily working with Drupal 7 for a super great client which I will mention later, and second building and testing a project management system that allows me to hire workers around the world and get my projects done in reasonable deadlines and affordable prices.

In this post I would like to mention that the more I explore Drupal 7 the better it shines in terms of performance, scalability and usability. I have to say that you need to be slightly technical to use Drupal but you can do so much more now without needing to write a single line of code.

Some of the user contributed modules are really top notch and just allow you to take things to the next level. Views and Panels are among the top ones which allow you to interact with any object stored in the backend and present it in any layout of your choice. 

I am going to build a section on my site here which would be more developer friendly so I could share some of these modules in details, talk about how to choose a module for Drupal, how to install it, and how to configure it. Since most of the visitors on my site are a mix of developers, affiliates and internet marketers, I would like to not make it a fully developer focused blog. So stay tuned.

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