Desktop Counter

Desktop Counter (Niche: Webmaster / Web Site Development / Web Stats)

Desktop Counter was a creation to simply save time and add convenience to stats of web sites as compared to some great web stats softwares like AwStats. Desktop Counter is a software that sits on your hard drive and shows you the stats of your web site(s). An additional feature that is missing in services like AwStats is sorting data by date. You might want to just view the statistics over a particular time period, like a weekend, or a special promotion you are doing. So to overcome this situation, I added Sort by Date feature in Desktop Counter.

If you are one of the web site owners who likes to go to awstats just so often to see how your web site is performing, Desktop Counter is for you. You can view as many sites as you wish. Desktop Counter updates its stats every minute keeping you up to date (though it has a “Refresh Now” button if you manually want to update it at any time).

I am giving a 15 day free trial to the users, so go and try it. I am sure you will love it.


Any Comments / Questions / Suggestions are welcome.