DJI Phantom 3 Professional Product Review


I have been playing with quadcopters since a few years now. The concept of being able to take pictures and videos from above the ground has always kept me excited. I have spent a fair amount of money on helicopter rides just to capture city skylines or landscapes before these "drones" became available and affordable. 

The first quad that made me say - wow, now we are talking was the DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro. Since I had a Gopro Hero 3 Black from my motorcycle riding, all I needed was wings for it to fly and Phantom 1 nailed it. I got a fair amount of photography and videography done using the Phantom 1, but soon realized I didn't have great control over the FPV part as I couldn't stream the video on my phone (it can possibly interfere with the remote - drone communication), and I didn't have a gimbal too. 

That is when I decided to sell the Phantom 1 and bring in the Phantom 3 Professional, which gave me exactly everything that I needed or had on my "must have" wishlist. With a higher technological enhancements, GPS, Optical Altitude Measuring systems, 4K video recording, Gimble and ability to control the drone, as well as the camera from the remote and a tablet / phone made it a dream come true for me.

I understand aviation to some extent, and know that letting the drone fly out of my sight or high enough in the sky can cause some serious accidents, therefore I only use the drone for replacing my camera and getting some extra height wherever possible.

I would seldom fly over 200 feet high, which also is way too high for capturing moments where people are involved. They look like ants from 200 feet above. So realistically, for me the preferred altitude is between 6 to around 20 feet. And that is when things get tricky in the aviation world. It is easy to fly it 100 feet where there is nothing it can bang into. When you are flying low heights, precision matters.

I gave the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Video Camera 5 star reviews on Amazon, and would also like to point out that they have a great accessory bundle which you SHOULD seriously consider.



Amazon Phantom 3 Accessory Bundle




For $20 more, you are getting an extra battery ($150 value) and a 64 GB MicroSD card again valued at around $39. I did NOT buy this deal :( and ended up buying an extra battery "AND" the 64 GB Card paying close to an extra $200. Click here to check whether Amazon still has this offer or not.

The few things I love about this drone are:

  1. It is super easy to fly. Most accidents I have had with previous drones were during take off or landing. Your chances of hitting something when airborne are far less :). With the Take off and Landing buttons on the app, you are much safer.
  2. The gimbal on the Phantom 3 Professional, really makes a big difference in video recordings. Videos come out very smooth and fluid. You would know what I mean if you have seen those really shaky videos on youtube.
  3. The extended 20 minutes flight time on the battery is twice as much as what I got on the Phantom 1. With 2 batteries I am able to capture a lot of footage, without having to rush through it.
  4. Videos and Pictures can be saved on your phone, so you can instantly share without having to download those on a computer. Additionally you can also live stream videos to youtube if you were covering an event or something.
  5. Ability to click pictures, record video, and adjust ISO from the remote itself is a big plus to have. 
  6. GPS positioning helps the drone stay on spot and fight winds. This is a feature that changes EVERYTHING, but it is a taken for granted feature as now we just expect this to work :)
  7. Live Preview. You can click a picture or record a video, and while the drone is still in flight, you can quickly check if the recording came out good or not, in case you need to reshoot. 

Besides this, just the experience in itself is very nice. Family loves to go out on drone flights, get a picture of themselves from the sky, and experiment with it. 

So that's pretty much what I do with it, what I think about the Phantom 3, and my suggestions. If you have any specific questions, from a fellow drone pilot, feel free to contact me. For anything technical, please contact DJI support.

Good luck and happy flying