Compact URLs for Twitter and Other Social Network Sites

How long of a URL can you add in Twitter or some other Social Networks, or how long of a URL would you rather have in the first place?

With the evolution of Search Engine Optimization Algorithms and criteria set up by search engines, most blogs and website owners now have search engine friendly URLs like I do for this page : (54 characters long). Adding URLs as long as this take up more than 1/3rd of your total allowed time, so I could use a URL compactor service like and get a shorter version of my URL like: which is only 15 characters long and post this link on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc and include the link in my messages or updates.
I could use the extra space I used to make my messages a little more elaborate.

How does URL Compacting Work
URL compacting works on simple 301 Redirects. You need to use a web service like or where you add your original URL that is stored in a Database and a unique identifier is assigned to that URL. You are then presented with a new compact URL that has your unique identifier attached to it. When a user opens that URL in a web browser, the site recognizes the URL and redirects the user to that page. Below is an image of a simple URL Compacting done on

As these URL Compacting services evolve more, there is a lot for you in store so loyalty would certainly help you in the long run so pick one service and stick to it. Keeping your link consolidated is a good idea. I have some cool ideas regarding this, so stay tuned for more.

Happy Tweeting!!!