Commission Junction Datafeed are now Self Serve

Great News for CJ Publishers (Affiliates)

Commission Junction just gave access to the "self serve" option for Datafeeds (also referred to as Product Catalogs). Using this feature you can now subscribe to any number of merchants and get all their products through these feeds and then use this feed to make an affiliate website to promote their products. is a good example for an ( datafeed being used by CJ.

What is new about this?
Well, CJ did not have this option till May 2009. To subscribe to a datafeed (firstly you had to pay $250) and then for adding or removing a new merchant to your subscription, you had to send out an email to CJ and they would do it for you. This process did take some extra time, and surely time as always, in a constraint. So the above is a great news for people like me.

What exactly is a product Datafeed?
Product Catalog feeds allows you to receive product data from advertisers who have product catalogs. is a good example of a datafeed driven affiliate site. When a user browses a specific product on your site, he will be sent to the same product on the merchant's site (through your affiliate link) if he clicks on your "Call to Action" button or link.

What is the “Fresher Feeds” release?
With the May 28th release, publishers now have the ability to set up and modify their product catalogs through our new, “self-serve” interface. This new interface makes managing and organizing all feeds quicker and easier. Even better, all data is now transferred in individual advertiser product catalog files, rather than one large, cumbersome file. These smaller, more agile files will allow for quicker receipt of data or “fresher feeds” and at the same time puts the power of configuring the product catalog exports in the hands of the customer.

Setup instructions are provided by Commission Junction and are given to your on your control panel. So just log into your CJ account and go to Account > Services and then click on "Create Product Export" and you will be able to take it from there.

More updates on this later ... Don't forget to watch the Datafeed Integration Video if you like to use datafeeds.