Remedy for ant invasion in your house


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With a dog who loves to drop his food here and there all the time, and kids who love walking around the home eating cookies, and other sugary stuff it is an open invitation to ants in the house. We notices a few here and there, and within no time there was an entire colony living in our house seen at various places including the dining area, doors, kitchen, garage, etc.

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An update from me ...

What have I been up to since July 2010?

My previous months were totally action filled including a lot of travel including Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, Washington, Las Vegas ;), and India.

A lot of these travels included a lot of learning experiences that would surely help me as I move forward and hopefully I will be able to share some valuable information with you all as well.

Currently I am working in New York City on a very interesting project.

My 5 Words for Education

Education, in my 5 Words
Raakesh's 5 words for Education

While we are all busy with our life, struggling, working hard, to achieve our goals in life, let's not forget how Education has helped us in getting to where we are today. Imagine yourself without education. There are millions of children in the world who are growing up without any education. You know how difficult it is to survive in this competitive world without proper education. Let's think about those children and see how we could help them.

There is no doubt that to be successful in life, you need to be very hard working. But Education plays a very important role in our life as:

- Education gives us the ability to learn, to know, and to understand.
- Education gives us the power to determine what is right, and what is wrong.
- Education gives us the tool and ability to perform far more advanced and complex tasks.
- Education gives us an opportunity to live our life as we want
- Education allows us to live our life, with dignity and respect.

How to Cut down your cell phone bill by using Google Voice?

Google Voice is not an alternative to a phone line!
Before there is any confusion, let me say that NO, Google Inc did not launch a new cell phone company, but rather just a service that lets you take advantage of the technology. But without having a cellular phone company, Google Inc did what will definitely make a big impact in the telecom industry. Let me explain:
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What a way to Start a Day

Rescue Operation Wednesday June 10, 2009 It was this one fine wednesday morning and I went to drop my wife to her work and thought of picking up a coffee from a nearby gas station and on my way back I saw these two dogs run loose on the highway. These guys were nervous (since it looks like they lost their owners) and didn't know what to do so they were running all over the place. Read more about What a way to Start a Day