How to: Connect your DSLR with your Android / IPhone phone or tablet / Ipad



So many times when you are out there taking pictures of landscapes, butterflies, birds, people you wish there was a way for you to connect your camera to your phone so you don't have to be sitting in an awkward position, or just to transfer files instantly to computer so you can see what you just captured.

With the wired and wireless connection to connect your DSLR Camera to your phone or tablet PC, it is all possible, as well as doesn't even cost a fortune.

Here I share tips on how you can connect your camera to your phone or tablet using a wired (OTG Cable) and wireless connection.


Remedy for ant invasion in your house


20 Mule Team - Borox


With a dog who loves to drop his food here and there all the time, and kids who love walking around the home eating cookies, and other sugary stuff it is an open invitation to ants in the house. We notices a few here and there, and within no time there was an entire colony living in our house seen at various places including the dining area, doors, kitchen, garage, etc.

Read on for more details on how to get rid of ants from your house (or office) effectively.


Amazon Smile - Supporting Charities of your choice


Amazon Smile


With zero cost to you, when you shop at Amazon Smile, Amazon will make a donation to the charity of your choice. A donation of 0.5%  of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchase (minus shipping and handline, rebates, etc) is made by Amazon. Since this donation is made by Amazon Smile and not by you, you do not qualify for a tax deduction for that amount, but irrespective a contribution is being made automatically when you shop.


How about a Datafeed Optimizing Tool?




Affiliate marketers who use datafeeds for promoting affiliate products have a pretty good idea about the technical difficulties that you encounter on a day to day basis. Issues like duplicate content, remotely hosted images, etc are tough to deal with in the beginning, but if you spend some time and effort, you can get around it. Problem starts, when you have to update your datafeeds on a day to day basis

June 30 Update: The tool is ready and being tested right now ... 

Amazon's First Smartphone - Fire is available

Amazon, launches it's first smartphone: Amazon Fire Phone, 32GB (AT&T)



The only smartphone with Dynamic Perspective, Firefly, Mayday, and more.
With a 13MP camera and loaded features, this one is definitely an interesting smartphone loaded with Amazon's apps and content. 

For more information on Amazon's Fire smartphone, please visit: Amazon's Fire Smartphone

Meet Bully the bullfrog


Bully the Bullfrog


Being a  piscean has always kept the fish alive in my life. I lost the first lot of my fish to predating birds ... We really enjoyed watching Bully in action while it hunted bees, flies, crickets, spiders and other insects, but the sight of it eating my fish, and the small nesting birds was not very nice. 

This picture was taking using a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Tamron 28-300 F/3.5-6.3 Di lens. No flash was used. Read this article to read some tips for taking pictures of bullfrogs, and read more about how Bully got it's name.


Natural Treatment for Lumbar Herniated Disc


Herniated Disc


I was recently diagnosed with a herniated disc - Also known as a Slip Disc. My doctor didn't have much to offer me besides steroid shots to subside the excruciating pain.

However, I got lucky when I posted about my condition on Facebook and one of my friends, who had the exactly similar condition sent me a message. She had undergone all treatments including those scary steroid shots in the spine, physical therapy, etc but all in vain. Finally she found relief from Ayurveda. 

And that's exactly what I did. Read more about how Ayurveda helped me with my Herniated Disc.


Preparing KTM 500 EXC for Raid de Himalaya 2013 motorcycle & car rally


KTM 500 EXC Upgrades


Follow me as I prepare my motorcycle for the Raid de Himalaya. The highest motorcycle rally in the world that will cover over 2000 miles and reaches passes upto 18,300 feet. I will ride a KTM 500 EXC, but have to make a few changes here and there to make sure my changes of completing the event are high.

I plan on explaining each product that I used for this raid, so it can serve as a guide on how to prepare your motorcycle for  a 7 day long motorcycle rally.

So stay tuned and keep reading about  KTM 500 EXC Upgrades for Raid de Himalaya ... 


Preparing for the Raid De Himalaya 2013

My plans for racing in the Raid de Himalaya 2010 didn't quite work out due to a very non-avoidable reason: My only brother in law, decided to tie the knot on Oct 10th, which was the same day as the Raid was flagged off from Pinjore Garden, in India. I couldn't have chosen to go for the raid and miss my brother in law's wedding, but since both the events were not too far from each other, I was able to go and meet all old rally friends, and spectate the first stage of the Raid. It was very exciting. 


Headed to Affiliate Summit West 2013

Ok, so Affiliate Summit West 2013 is being organized in Las Vegas from January 13 - January 15 at Caesars Place. I am heading out with Mark Roth and the team. I will mostly be supporting our booth so you can find me at Offer Vault.

If you are at Vegas for ASW2013, make sure you stop by and say hi.

Drupal 7 as a solid CMS

I have been a little slow in posting on this site in the past few months, but now you'll see me being more active. So currently besides building some new applications and writing cool scripts I am also venturing into 2 different spaces. Primarily working with Drupal 7 for a super great client which I will mention later, and second building and testing a project management system that allows me to hire workers around the world and get my projects done in reasonable deadlines and affordable prices.

Function eregi_replace() is deprecated in PHP


With PHP 5.3 some Functions have been depreciated. Many Drupal developers / users who upgraded their version of PHP may get warnings about functions that have been depreciated.

The word depreciated here basically means that the functions in question were determined to not be as performance efficient hence it is being replaced with a new function.

Click on the title to

Social Media Genie - BuddyMedia

All of those who know me well, know that I keep an eye open to find problem areas in internet marketing where I could possibly build either a solution, or simply find answers to such problems and share with my lists. When marketing on Facebook, there were a few "I wish I had" tools or solutions that I know would have helped me, my clients, and my employers make the most of their social marketing efforts.

Was Google+ a surprise, or a service everyone was looking forward to?

When Google+ was announced, I wasn't really surprised (obviously, I am sure this applies to majority of the people out there). Despite the fact that services like Google Wave and Google buzz, didn't really make it to the top of the social lists, we all were, in one way or the other, waiting for Google to launch their social network.

An update from me ...

What have I been up to since July 2010?

My previous months were totally action filled including a lot of travel including Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, Washington, Las Vegas ;), and India.

A lot of these travels included a lot of learning experiences that would surely help me as I move forward and hopefully I will be able to share some valuable information with you all as well.

Currently I am working in New York City on a very interesting project.

Mobile Theme for Drupal CMS

Hello Website Owners!

While using my newest version of Long Tail Magic I discovered that more than 40% of traffic coming to my sites (including are cell phone users. My Browser Report on Long Tail Magic showed me that people using Androids, IPhone, Ipad, Blackberry, and Palm PCs are visiting my sites. Here's a raw snapshot:

BlackBerry8520/ Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1 VendorID/603
Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_0_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/7A400
Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8A293
Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.1-update1; en-us; Droid Build/ESE81) AppleWebKit/530.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/530.17
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_5_8; en-us) AppleWebKit/531.22.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Safari/531.22.7
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/531.22.7 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Safari/531.22.7

So the first thing I did was to grab my Android G1, and point my Dolphin Browser to and I was disappointed to see the results.

A Good Work from Home Forum in the making

Hey, this is a quick post to tell you about a forum I have recently been visiting, and I happened to like it a lot.

An internet forum is a good place to get answers to your questions, at the same time get ideas of what other's in your niche are talking about. A forum is a two way communication between you, and so many other people who share similar or different opinions as you.

For all Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing I usually visit Warrior Forum (

Preparing for the Raid De Himalaya 2010

Ready for Raid de Himalaya 2010

Raid-De-Himalaya 99 win 11 years ago, I participated in the Raid de Himalaya 1999. Our team effort was a success and we won the best team prize as most of our team mates won the top 5 positions of the raid.

After a gap of one year, I went back to the raid once again in 2001 with similar results. We won all the top positions of the Raid in various motorcycle categories. I won the 1st prize for my category.

I was prepared to participated in the 2002 Raid de Himalaya but some personal commitments took over

.co domain names are available

I know this is kind of late but hey, there are still some great names waiting to be registered.

I am in a way happy that the price for .co domains is higher so that not everyone would go and grab the good ones, but none the less, some companies / individuals are registering these day in and day out. I saw some good ones going in front of my eyes.

I am not saying that I am not on the lookout for some good .co domain names, but here is your chance to grab some while things are not too clear to the others.

Here's the trick:
Visit and you will be redirected to one of the leading domain name registrar. But guess what? There is no visible button (at least as of April 26, 2010) that says "REGISTER A .CO DOMAIN HERE".

That is good for you because many individuals and companies can not see how to register a .co domain.

Good Morning from San Francisco (Ad Tech)

I have been a little inactive on my site since the past few months as I had too much going on, including moving into a new house, wrapping up some old projects, hiring a new team, starting my coaching program(s) including Social Handshake, and working on some new innovative products...

I am at Ad Tech, San Francisco right now with Offer Vault and Offer Mobi (A CPA network for Mobile Offers). OfferMobi is launching here at Ad Tech today (April 19, 2010).

Dash Robot - Robotic Cockroach

A new cockroach like robot was invented by researchers at University of Berkeley. This little device was built using computer and cell phone scraps. The mini robot runs straight in a line, at the speed of more than 1 meter per second, and can withstand a fall from 28 meters.


Google's Strategic Placement of Ads

If you are like me, and use Gmail I am sure you would have accidentally clicked Google Ads placed just upon the "Back to Inbox" link. Since I am also an advertiser, every time I accidentally click on a sponsored ad, I go "Ouch" as I didn't really intend to click on the ads.

But, in the process of this little accident, the advertiser lost money, and Google made money. I am not saying this is a scam, but this is a very strategic placement of ads because of these reasons:
1. The ads are relevant to the email I just opened.

Roboform Now Supports Chrome Browser

Great News for Roboform Users

Roboform now supports Google Chrome / Chromium web Browsers

I know at least 20 people who have not been able to use Google Chrome because it was not supported by Roboform. Roboform is one of the most revolutionary products for password / login management which has an addictive personality. 9 out of 10 users who start using Roboform to manage their passwords for various web sites they visit, have become hooked to it totally.

Google Real Time Search is here

Welcome Real Time Search
Talk about search engine optimization, but don't ignore social media.
Yes, finally social media has made an impact on how the web works and the Big G decided to include real time data in searches. This feature is called Google Updates.