Alternative to Camtasia (Jing Project)

Alternative to Camtasia

This is my new discovery - Using Jing video capture tool as an alternative to Camtasia

I was looking for an alternative to Camtasia and other expensive screen capture / video recording softwares for a while and was not very happy with the results I found, until today. Jing is one of my most recent discoveries and I got so eager to share it with you that I recorded a quick video to show you the quality of the videos that are recorded and also show you a little experiment with Search Engine Optimization. So watch the video below and go and try Jing before you invest your money in any paid video recording software.

Using Jing you can easily take screen shots of your current screen, record videos like the one above and share them instantly with your list, members or web site's audience.

When you download Jing, you will also get a 2GB account absolutely free. You can host your captured images and recorded videos on screencast and share them on your website, blog or send a link via Instant Messages or Emails.

As I mentioned in the video, I am doing an SEO experiment with Drupal and my SEO techniques, so stay tuned and I will soon share this technique with you through email. So if you are not signed up for Raakesh's Newsletter yet, now would be a good time to do so. Just go to Raakesh's Newsletter Signup Page and become a member.

Enjoy Jing - the most recommended "Alternative to Camtasia Screen Capture Tool".

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