Fool Proof Approach to Making Money on the Internet?

I have seen several entrepreneurs who decided to work from home, bought ebooks, courses, tutorials and every help that they could to make a significant income online. Most of these Internet Marketers try their best; invest huge chunks of money trying to make a few sales so they make more money and what not. Some of them get it in the first shot and start making some money, enough to keep the motivated, enough for them to keep looking for ways to increase these figures and enough to try different things now. But there is a huge percentage of Internet Marketers who try their best and then since they lost time and money, decide to give up, never to come back again. I feel fortunate that I was able to meet two such people, who were on the verge of giving up, when I told them what I am going to tell you now, and it changed their life forever. They didn't quit, and after only 6 months they are where they wanted to be. It's all about your outlook. So since I am confident I could save two successful businessmen from becoming a part of the 9-5 rat race, I hope this article gets more audience who gets a better perspective of this business and do the right thing from the beginning. So please read on and do leave me a note if you find this article helpful

(it just keeps me motivated and justifies the time I spend to get this message across to you). TOO EAGER, TOO BAD If you are too eager to make money on the web, I won't call it aggressiveness. An aggressive person is someone who doesn't need much force to get into action, who is always ready to go and get what he needs, someone who is determined, focused and at it but in this case, you are just doing a big damage to yourself by jumping out of the plane to conquer Mt. Everest, without a parachute. Remember; treat your online ventures like your job. You get money, but you want to save some for the future, 401K, Retirement Plans, Fixed Deposits, etc etc. Similarly you want to make sure that whatever you are doing today, will be of use in the future. Here is a very simple example: John Doe gets into Affiliate Marketing, opens a Google Adwords account, picks up an offer from Clickbank and sets up a campaign to promote that product. He spent months and lot of money on this offer and let's say he made a lot of money too. Suddenly the merchant decided to stop selling the product. John's income stops. Besides the money that he made, he doesn't have anything now, he must start all over again - Find an offer, do a keyword research, setup the campaign, optimize it to maximize profits and be at the mercy of the merchant or Adwords. John is paying for the traffic he are getting from Adwords. If they come up with a new policy to increase his bid Cost per Click (CPC) because he doesn't have a landing page, or he does't have a good quality score, John is back to square one, ONCE AGAIN. So no matter how eager you are, understand this industry. Remember, when you decided to become an Internet Marketer, you wanted to PERMANENTLY become an Internet marketer, not temporarily. You don’t want to be successful for just 3 months and then back to where you were. You want to build your empire, you want to make sure that even if you are not successful for the next 6 months or 1 year, you have done enough to be successful in the following years. Think big, think about tomorrow, not yesterday or today. AND YOU HAVE TO THINK LIKE THIS. Everyone wants to make money now. But if you have been in this industry for more than 1 year, tell me, when you look back at the year you've spend, with all the efforts that you've put in, have you done things that are helping you today, or let's say making money or you today? If not, read on ... I don't disagree that there are opportunities to make money instantly, or quickly, but those definitely don't last too long. Everything that you are doing TODAY can help you for the rest of your life, if you do it right. Here is my example of a good plan for any internet marketer or affiliate. A Fool Proof Approach to Affiliate Marketing Let's say you want to promote an affiliate offer. You can definitely do what John Doe did above, and you certainly don't want to do that so you do your keyword research, build your campaign on Adwords, build a landing page to promote the product but here's what you can do different. (assuming you are promoting the solar panel offer on clickbank) Buy a domain name that caters to the niche this product belongs to (in this case, energy). Then create a site (wordpress or drupal are good content management systems) with content about energy and what you can do to preserve it, or how you can save money by using alternative means, etc. You don't need to have lot of content to begin with. Just get the domain, put the site's structure together, add basic information, one or two pages of content explaining the niche, and add your landing page to it. Now you are ready to start sending traffic to this site, but before that, see what all could you do and/or plan: - Get a Visitor Data Tracking Tool like Long Tail Magic (specially because you just need one copy of this tool to track as many domains as you have). This tool will gather information that your visitors searched for and will help you understand what your visitors are looking for, and also what they would like to see. - Spend an extra 10 bucks a week on a site like and get SEO friendly content for your site. You'll get ideas of what you want to get written based on the reports given by the tool above. Get one or two articles written every week and start adding to this site. - Send out a press release every month about something new that you added to your site (you can do it for a small fee, or even free). - Try and get some inbound text links to your site. And now, start sending traffic to your landing page. Advantages if this approach: 1. By creating an entire site dedicated to the niche, you would save money as your CPC bids will be low due to a high quality score. 2. Now you have an entire site about this niche, you can promote more products with the same traffic. 3. You can make more money by Adsense or other advertising tools. 4. If (like in John Doe's case above) the merchant decides to stop selling the product, you are SAVED. You have a site that talks about the niche and you can easily replace the old offer with a new one without any damage done to you. 5. As your site gets older, it gets a high page rank and gets indexed in search engines. It will then start showing up on organic search results and maybe a few years down the line, you won't even need to do any more PPC. AND YES THIS IS POSSIBLE. 6. If you look at step 1 in the approach, I recommended you to use a Visitor Data Tracking tool. This tool will give you a lot of data about what your visitors are searching for on search engines, etc. You used this information to optimize your site with high quality, highly sought after, search engine friendly content. And this will pay you for the rest of your life. Organic search results may go sky rocket, unless your competitor is reading this article right now as well :) 7. Even if you want to sell the site a year or a few years later, you'll get a great price for it. So just look back and see what did you really lose by this approach? You didn't lose any time, because you never had to go back to square one, you didn't lose any money, all that you had spend on tools, and content were an investment that pays itself off pretty well, and you now have an asset that will follow you wherever you go. Imagine getting money from all these sites after you've retired. And all you had to do was, do the basics, but the right way. Conclusion: No matter what you are doing today, just try to maximize everything. Remember, you need to plan for the future, not just today, so even if you are very successful today; think of what is the worst thing that can happen to your business, and start protecting it. Make fool proof plans and stick to them. If today, you aren't where you wanted to be yesterday, make sure you work on tomorrow, so you can be where you want to be today. With that said, I'll let you go ... I'll come up with some more plans and ideas and share them with you. Bookmark this site.