Good Morning from San Francisco (Ad Tech)

I have been a little inactive on my site since the past few months as I had too much going on, including moving into a new house, wrapping up some old projects, hiring a new team, starting my coaching program(s) including Social Handshake, and working on some new innovative products...

I am at Ad Tech, San Francisco right now with Offer Vault and Offer Mobi (A CPA network for Mobile Offers). OfferMobi is launching here at Ad Tech today (April 19, 2010). More details could be found at the following links:

I have loaded myself with my cameras and recorders, so rest assured I'll have a lot of pictures, videos and interviews to share when I get back.

Some of the notable associates I would recommend you come and meet here (if you are an affiliate, a netowrk or a merchant) are:

- Offer Vault (Me or Mark Roth)
- Offer Mobi (Jimmy Chin, Network Manager)
- NeverBlueAds (Samantha, Network Manager)

I'll add more after I do a walk through and find useful resources for you.